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Criminal Defenses

Criminal Charges are scary experiences. In the State of Washington, you can be charged for Assault without making actual or physical contact onto another person. Let us protect you with rights that you are entitled to before pleading guilty to any charges especially when you are innocent.


Criminal Defenses

When you are placed under arrest for DUI, your first step is to call Karmali Law Office IMMEDIATELY and to remain silent. We will represent you and talk to the authorities on your behalf. We will guide you through the process and advise you on all available options so that impact of charges will remain minimum to nothing.


Should you get pull over by the police for driving without license, first thing to do is refrain from talking to enforcement agencies and exercise your right to remain silent by calling us to represent you because everything you said will be used against you in the court of law. We will make sure that it will never happen to you.

Criminal Defenses


Our goal is make sure that your insurance rate will not go up, or speeding tickets will not "stay on your record" as people commonly refer to. All you have to do is let us handle your ticket so you can continue with your daily life.  

Criminal Defenses

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