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Welcome to Karmali Law Office, PLLC focuses on defending your criminal charge or traffic infraction. If you are charged with a crime or traffic infraction, Karmali Law Office understands this causes extreme stress, confusion, and even embarassment. A criminal charge, traffic ticket, or even investigation of a suspected crime is potentially life altering. That is why when you call Karmali Law Office, I will listen to your case with compassion, kindness and consideration. My mission is to give you a great defense at a great value. During your free initial consultation, I will review your case & give you a realistic assessment of your situation. I will then go to work & use my experience with the courtrooms & prosecutors of the State of Washington to reach the best possible resolution of your criminal charge or traffic infraction. No frills. No gimmicks. Just plain hard work & dedication to get you the best outcome possible.
Karmali Law Office is conveniently located in Redmond & available 24 hours, 7 days a week. Call 425.629.6300 IMMEDIATELY for an appointment. It is a privilege to represent you.
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Mission: To give you a great defense at a great value.